3 Amazing Self-Stitched Dresses By Nancy Tyagi at Cannes 2024

Nancy Tyagi Cannes 2024

Nancy Tyagi, a fashion influencer, made her debut at Cannes this year, stunning social media users with her exceptional self-made dresses.

Her first look featured a gigantic pink fluffy gown paired with a modest necklace.

Nancy First Look
Nancy Tyagi first look at Cannes 2024. (Instagram)

The second ensemble was a lavender saree with a matching headgear crafted from the same fabric.

Nancy Tyagi second look at Cannes 2024. (Instagram)

Now, she’s unveiled her third look, and it’s causing a stir among netizens who can’t seem to get enough of it. She’s seen wearing a sleek black ensemble consisting of a corset-style top and a trailing skirt. To complete the look, she accessorized with a feathered stole and stylish black gloves.

Nancy Third Look
Nancy Tyagi third look at Cannes 2024. (Instagram)

Nancy joined Ranveer Allahbadia on the BeerBiceps podcast to discuss her journey and experiences.

She’s inspiring a new generation of fashion lovers, driving them towards achieving their goals with her motivational influence!