Raveena Tandon Faces Mob Attack: A Detailed Account of the Incident

Raveena Tandon attavked by mob

Fans of actor Raveena Tandon expressed shock after a video emerged on social media showing her being harassed by a mob on Sunday. The video depicts a group confronting her and accusing her car of hitting them.

Raveena Tandon Mob Attack

A source tells us, “Tandon was not drunk, contrary to what is being claimed. The other party admitted, in front of the police, ‘Agar gaadi chhu jaati toh’, which means they weren’t hit by her car. They attacked her driver. She asked him to go inside the house. It’s a false claim that he ran away.” Further, the source adds, “In the CCTV footage from June 1 (which is in possession of HT City), Tandon’s car doesn’t hit anyone.”

As for allegations that she hit people, the source says, “They created a ruckus at her bungalow’s gate in Bandra, Mumbai. Tandon was trying to calm them, saying, ‘Please don’t hit him (the driver)’, which is visible in the video. Her watchman was also dragged by the group. Mumbai Police has taken statements from Tandon’s staff. The group manhandled her, which is why she got angry and had to fight back for her safety. She stood in front of her gate and stopped them from entering [her house] as her kids, Rasha and Ranbir, were inside.”